Cuala GAA: Build Hope in Zambia

Cuala GAA: Build Hope in Zambia


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In Zambia 2 out of 3 people live on under $2 a day and the majority of those who earn more barely make ends meet. In towns and cities, 1.3 million homes are urgently needed.

For 34 years, Habitat Zambia has been working beside communities in need; helping families improve the place they call home.

The Orphaned and Vulnerable Group project builds safe homes and secures housing rights for those on the margins of society; including children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It also facilitates training on HIV awareness and encourages will writing.

The project uplifts children, and their families, providing a solid foundation to build a brighter future for generations to come.

In 2020, a team of volunteers from Cuala GAA are travelling to Zambia to support the life changing work that goes on every day. Volunteers will:

SEE the shocking reality of poverty housing

SERVE families and communities in need

SPEAK out for safe shelter


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